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The Institute for Water Futures (IWF) leads research to understand change and enable action in Australia and beyond. Through our work, we grow capabilities across the water sector to inform decisions that anticipate our increasingly complex and uncertain water futures.


Advancing uncertainty prioritisation in water resource management

Better decision-making depends on better management of uncertainty, but how can we evaluate and improve how uncertainty is managed?

Application and interpretation of GRACE data for groundwater storage changes in the Great Artesian Basin

Can changes in groundwater storage across the Great Artesian Basin be detected remotely using satellite data or are we always going to have to rely on sparse, expensive in situ groundwater bores?

1 May 2022

ANU key partner in $156.5 million initiative for Australia’s irrigation regions

A $50 million Federal Government grant through the Commonwealth Co-operative Research Centres Program (CRC), together with $106.5 million from 85 partners, will support a partnership aimed at achieving a more productive, resilient and sustainable Murray-Darling Basin and beyond through the newly announced One Basin CRC

1 May 2022

Empowering Farmers to Manage Water in sub-Saharan Africa

The TISA project led by ANU has won a prestigious international award for its work supporting social enterprises in agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa.