Upcoming Events

Water on the Horizon

The Institute for Water Futures will be hosting biennial ‘horizon scan’ of the status and trends that will impact Australian water into the future.  The second of these forums will be held in early 2022. Sign up to our newsletter, below, for regular updates on this event.

Academic seminar series

The Institute for Water Futures will periodically host public seminars, with speakers from within and external to the Institute. If you would like to deliver a water futures seminar, please get in touch with us at waterfutures@anu.edu.au, or for more general information, follow our quarterly newsletter, below. 

Collaborative events

We are open and interested in collaborating on a range of events. If you're interested in proposing a joint event, please contact the team at waterfutures@anu.edu.au.

Otherwise to stay abreast of upcoming events, sign up to our newsletter: