Our Goals


The Institute for Water Futures key vision is to Understand Change and Enable Action. To support this vision, we strive to:

  • Empower decision-makers to anticipate the future in present-day actions;
  • Understand the science of uncertain futures;
  • Integrate social, cultural, economic and environmental values of water into actions;
  • To consider diverse innovations across technology, society, production and governance.


The Institute for Water Futures supports the diverse social, cultural, environmental and economic values of water. We integrate these values across our programs, guided by principles of interdisciplinarity, collaboration with partners and communities, mutual learning and respect.


The objectives of the Institute are to work collaboratively with stakeholders in government, community and business to:

  • Grow new capability for future-oriented decision-making, including uncertainty, risk and opportunity;
  • Build advanced understanding of water availability, dynamics, use and change from short to long term;
  • Enhance collective understanding of the social, cultural, economic, and ecological values and politics of water governance
  • Co-design new opportunities for policy and practice through innovation and emerging technologies;
  • Shape discourse on water futures by fostering constructive public debate;
  • Foster the futures capabilities of water professionals through education, scholarship and training
  • Develop meaningful collaborative engagement with diverse communities for better water futures

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